Behind the name you will find not only the best of natural products and other essentials, but also a principle, a philosophy if you will, whereby a conscientiously applied program in conjunction with the system is essential in bringing forth the results you desire.

The De Oliveira Hair Care System can provide the nutrients, cleansers and stimulators that improve and enhance the condition of the scalp and hair. The De Oliveira System is highly specific in it is actions and includes products for every possible hair and scalp type.


De Oliveira Hair Care Systems Inc. represents the acquisition of proven consumer hair care and skin care products.By offering the latest in technology and innovation products, customers referring friends
and family for over 45 years.

Mariana De Oliveira, company founder and president, of De Oliveira Hair Care Systems Inc. is a major leader in the professional and consumer business. She is a professional Cosmetologist and salon owner since 1974 and has personally developed two separate lines of products, for HAIR CARE and SKIN CARE.

De Oliveira’s mandate is to be a creative innovator, to develop and market unique products and treatment system while being a provider of superior customer services.


De Oliveira Hair Care Systems Inc. is a fully patented system and like none other in the world.

Among the developments are:

The formulation of five separate Hair Care products for Hair Loss treatment, including an innovative scalp massaging technique and unique treatment system.

The formulation of three skin care products for special skin types.