Skin Care Products

De Oliveira Skin care facts

The health and appearance of the skin are of concern to everyone.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and performs many vital functions required for health and attractiveness.

A healthy skin is slightly moist, soft, flexible, acidic, and is free from blemishes and disease. The skin’s texture, as revealed by feel and appearance, should be smooth and fine-grained.

The skin is elastic, resistant and under normal conditions renews itself. It functions as a protective covering for the body, preventing the entry of microorganisms and other harmful substances.


Mariana De Oliveira has developed and labelled her own line of natural skin care products for the health of the skin.



Protein enriched De Oliveira Body Wash contains deep exfoliating agents recommended for cleansing dehydrated skin.

De Oliveira Spray is an antiseptic in a natural base for purifying the skin.

De Oliveira Cream is a unique custom blended cream that delivers nourishment directly to the skin cells. A daily dosage of proteins to fight atmospheric factors.