Hair Care Products

De Oliveira Systems clients, both men and women, report that our
De Oliveira hair care products have achieved the following results:

. Produces new hair, stops hair loss and accelerates hair growth.

. Reinforces and adds volume to hair.

The treatment system should be applied on a daily basis to achieve maximum results. The application itself takes approximately one hour, however, 40 minutes of this time is usable time which many people use to perform various chores and activities around the home.

  • Pre-Treatment: Deep cleansing shampoo for effective treatment of the hair and scalp.

  • Miracle Formula #1: An invigorating shampoo that restores the natural balance to your hair.


  • Miracle Formula #2: This custom blended formula supplies the nourishment necessary to maintain fuller, thicker,healthier looking hair.

  • Miracle Formula #3: This revitalizing formula contains exfoliating agents for deep cleansing, leaving the scalp feeling refreshed and healthy.


  • Miracle Formula #4: This unique formula is designed to stimulate the scalp. Hair will benefit directly from this process, adding a unique boost to the roots of your hair.

    Results may vary.