Client Testimonials

October 5 2017

Dear Nela,

I just wanted to thank you for your invaluable advice about the De Oliveira Skin Care Products: Spray and Cream for using on my two babies! The products work miracles. When my was a newborn, he suffered a diaper rash, and following your advice, my husband and I applied the cream. We were stunned when the rash disappeared in less than 24 hours. Then, as a preventative measure, we applied the cream after each diaper change. We did the same when our baby girl was born.

If the kids get rashes or scratches or get injured anywhere I apply the spray and cream to clean the area and help it heal. I’m very careful with what I use on my children, and I’m comfortable with your products because they’re natural, and they work!

Thank you very much for such wonderful products and for your invaluable advice,

A. James

November 16 2000

Dear Mariana,

When I heard about you and your hair treatment I was excited, but I couldn’t believe it until I saw the results with my own eyes. It is a miracle. I mean it. My own hair stopped falling out and started growing back after one treatment. I was shocked when I saw what you did for Lisa. Part of her face was red for her whole life, but I watched it fade the very first time you applied your formula. When Richard showed me his stomach, I could hardly believe my eyes. You really cured his terrible psoriasis. You are an angel. You make so many people so happy.

I don’t think there is anybody else in the whole world like you. You are such a good person. In my life I have never before met anybody in business so honest and so kind. I am glad that Ruth told me about you, or else I wouldn’t know about your amazing work. And I am glad I came from Los Angeles to meet to meet you because I had to see everything myself to believe the things she told me about you. Everything she said is true.

I wasn’t to thank you for EVERYTHING. So much love surrounds you. Did I mention that I really, really believe that you are an angel? I couldn’t believe  it when you gave me the products. It wasn’t because of the money. It was because you wanted to give me a gift. Tears came to my eyes because you are such a beautiful person. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I have never met such a pure person before.

I feel as if I have known you forever. I’m so glad that I met you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.



June 25, 2006

Thank you


I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I just wanted to say thank you for all you help. I had come by your clinic a few years back, from India, for my husbands feet problem. His feet were absolutely black and splitting and peeling and you had to peel the skin off his feet. After following your advice and consistent use of all the products that you had recommended, his feet are almost cured. I had tried a number of doctors, but only your treatment worked for us. Also, I had purchased a few hair products from you and they were brilliant as well.

Once again, Thank you so very much.


Afshan K.

January 14 2010


This is Diana one old customer that used the skin care products with excellent results.

6 years ago I had a depigmentation problem I used De Oliveira products  and it was gone no more skin worries, but now again the depigmentation in my skin started, I am very afraid that it will expand to all my face. I would like to start a treatment soon.

I do no live in Canada, I am living in Bogota, Colombia so I want to know how I can get the product , I will pay with interact transfer.


Diana P.

January 10 2003

For over eight years I have been using the De Oliveira hair care systems with tremendous satisfaction and incredible results. I am 33 years-old male who began suffering from androgenic hair loss (male pattern balding) at the age 22. My father, mother and brother all suffer from various degrees of hair loss as well. In the early stages of loss, I had diffuse thinning especially apparent around the templates and crown area.

Like many people who suffer from hair loss, I was dealing with issues of poor self-image and confidence. For these reason, it was a priority for me to try and keep the hair that I had left. In an effort to slow down the processes of hair loss, I consulted with a dermatologist who specialized in alopecia. After going through blood test to rule out any systemic cause, I was prescribed  Rogaine (minoxidil). Unfortunately, Rogaine left my scalp very irritated and greasy, and the results I attained were poor.

At the recommendation of a friend, I was introduced to Mariana and started using her hair care system. Within the first 3 weeks of treatment my hair loss had virtually stopped and my scalp condition was noticeably improved. In just over a year of use, I was able to re-grow most of the hair that I had previously lost. My hair is now thicker, more manageable, and healthier looking. I initially started using the system daily but have since maintained a once-a-week regimen. The results that I have achieved by using the De Oliveira hair system are so impressive that I no longer worry about hair loss.

In my optometric practice, I often encounter patients (both male and female) who suffer from hair loss due to a variety of physiological factors; genetic, metabolic, immunological, nutritional, hormonal. As a health care practitioner, I have my personal and professional reputation on the line when recommending a product for service. I have been so impressed with my hair re-growth that I often refer my patients to Mariana.

Their experience and success with the product is very similar to mine. They have increased confidence, a positive self-image, and they no longer worry about thinning hair.

Thank you Mariana!

Kerry S.

January  11 2019

Hi Mariana,

This is Todd, Cindy’s husband. Back in June we talked on the phone about 2nd degree burns I had on my stomach from accidentally spilling boiling water from a tea kettle. You told me to to use the spray and cream on the burn multiple time per day, and within about two weeks the burn was almost completely healed. As of today, the scarring is almost nonexistent. Thank for your advice and sorry it took me so long to email.


February 15, 2006

To whom it may concern,

In October of 2005, my wife had made un appointment for me to meet with and try De Oliveira treatment. I had no intentions of going, for this point in my life I had been suffering from psoriasis for the 14 years. I had tried everything, and nothing worked. The spots would get better and then worse. I continually had new outbreaks. I became very self conscious and depressed. Then I tried light treatment at the hospital. This did help, but as soon as I finished the treatment. I broke out with more spots than ever before.

My whole body was covered in a big red dry patch. I had spots all over my scalp, my neck, in and behind my cars. I had almost no fingernails and toenails, they were rotting away.

When my wife told me she made this appointment for me, I absolutely didn’t want to have anything to do with trying, hoping, wishing, or believing in any product. I had given up all hope in having clear skin again I believed  that this was how I was going to live the rest of life with psoriasis and hoped to control it the best I could. I told my wife there is no cure for psoriasis and there was nothing De Oliveira would be able to door me. My wife didn’t give up hope. She dragged me to the appointment and I agreed to in the very least give it a chance.

When Mariana saw me, she said don’t give up hope there is a cure for this psoriasis and you will be cured. She told me the opposite of what every doctor I had seen told me. She said I must tell you though you will get worse before you get better. She told me to have faith and do the treatments like she instructed and this will get better them go away completely. That I will live a life free of psoriasis.

I then purchased my first supply of the treatment. I started my treatments and religiously stuck to them. Mariana was right, I did get worse. So much that my spirits dropped and I was so depressed. My wife assured me that this was to be expected  and no to give up. Keep at it, try a little longer what harm could be done. So I did, and slowly I noticed a slight improvement. Two weeks later I was much better. Then a month later I was even more. I was so surprised  the spots were fading and them slowly disappearing. I had fewer and fewer spots. Thought I continually feared a new outbreak, only the spots didn’t  come. I had no new spots. My knees cleared up. My elbow were completely  normal. My head spot free. My body spot free in February of 2006. My nails are now growing they are not yet 100% but they are getting there.

First I have to say thank you to my wife for not giving up hope and making this life changing appointment for me, for sticking  by me and supporting me.

Then I have to say thank you Mariana and De Oliveira Systems for giving me my life back free from psoriasis. I now have clean, clear skin. I now have my confidence back. I look forward to walking in shorts and swimming this summer without spots. My kids no longer aw me if my spots hurt. Their dad has nice clear skin again. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me.

Mr. Renato R.

December 30 2000

Re your predictions for advancements in medicine in the Life Section of The Star on Saturday, December 30, 2000: “Baldness treatments will…”


Wow! The future is here. And it is here in Toronto. I am one of hundreds,

Perhaps thousand, of people who can attest to the fact that scalps can, and do, grow hair follicles.

There are those of us who were bald or losing our hair who can testify to the fact that there is a remarkable woman in Toronto who through  the use of all-natural, topical products has regrown our hair-this despite our having been told by dermatologists and other medical practitioners  that nothing could be done for us.

This treatment and cure is well-documented and has been experienced firsthand by dermatologists, who refuse to publicly  acknowledge  that there is a woman, who despite her having had no formal medical training has developed, amongst other products, cure for baldness and the cure (which has been patented in Canada and the US) for psoriasis.

A year ago I was bald; no one had seen me without a hat or a wig for a period of two years. Today I am thrilled to show off my own healthy hair, as are the other clients, both males and females of all ages.

I would love to talk to you about this.The word must get out!


Ruth H.

December 18, 2017

Dear Ms De Oliveira,

I have used your hair care products since the late 90’s to treat my alopecia. I have also used your skin care products on my family to treat psoriasis, eczema, cuts, mosquito bites and burns for the last 10 years.

I wanted to tell you about a recent experience of mine with your formula 3 product. I discovered that my 10 year old and 3 year old had lice. I bought the popular lice treatment brand and applied the product on both my children and followed the application steps provided. After the treatment was completed I noticed that when I combed through their hair that I found live lice still in their hair. The pamphlet included with the product indicated that it was not abnormal to still find some live lice and that the medication would continue to work to kill them. I checked the next day to see if I found more lice as well as to take out eggs from their hair and still found live lice in their hair. The next day worried that the product applied didn’t work, I was curious to see if the formula 3 product would work after looking online for natural ways to kill lice. I decided to apply it on my 3 year old and soaked his hair and let it sit for about 30 mins before combing it through. I was pleasantly surprised to see that when I combed through his hair I found DEAD lice. I also decided to apply formula 3 in my 10 year olds hair as well. I continued to apply it daily and combed through their hair and a week later they have been lice free.

If I had known sooner I would have used formula 3 on the first day when the lice was discovered. I am also thinking of doing a monthly treatment on my children as a preventative measure as it was so easy to do compared to the other treatment as well as natural and will not harm my kids.

Thank you so much for your product, they have helped my family for quite some time and without them would have made my life difficult in trying to resolve many of the issues we have encountered over the years.

With gratitude!
Patti F

August 19, 2016

These people are THE Hair Experts! By handing them your scalp, you’ll be doing it the biggest favour ever. They will clean it properly and safely and nourish it on every level using their natural products. The scalp massage that comes with their hair treatment not only does your scalp good by stimulating blood circulation, but it is So relaxing.

Finally, the service ends with a blow dry, so you leave feeling so stylish! Whether you need to address a hair or scalp issue (hair loss, dandruff, psoriasis, etc…) or just want to treat your scalp or yourself to a beneficial and relaxing treatment once in a while, this is the place to go.

What I like about them is that they focus on the quality of their products and services rather than on their decor. I have used the De Oliveira services many times over the last ten years, and they’ve always been wonderful. When I was going through a phase and suffering from hair loss, they were going out of their way to do the extra things during the treatments to address and fix the issue quicker.

They are very accommodating in that regard and also with taking clients for a treatment at short notice. Nowadays I like to go there at least once every week or two to maintain the health of my scalp and hair and to relax! In short, the De Oliveira hair treatments are the best I’ve seen so far. I strongly recommend you give their hair treatment a try to give your scalp a treat and to discover what this excitement is all about!

Serena S.

May 22, 2011

Hey guys,

    Its ______ writing in to give you my testimonial. You can add it to your website, but I would like my name not to appear. You can use the alias “Danny”.

    Here it is…

“I wanted to write in and thank you guy for a wonderful product and service you provide. I have been using the system for about seven months. Let me tell you what a dramatic difference it has done. Every day i see more and more hair appear in my hair line, in general my hair has gotten much thicker. It just make me feel so good and confident, that there is an actual real product on the market that really works. I have spent thousands of dollars from pills to shampoos, to meditating, to changing my diet. All failed expect your product!!”

God Bless!

Ruth H.

To whom it may concern:

I want to shout out from the rooftops how thrilled I am with the results of my hair treatments at De Oliveira Hair Care Systems. The single best thing about it is that they work!

Until I was fifteen, in the 1960’s, I had such thick hair that my regular appointments at Vincent & Tony Hairstylists always included “thinning” my hair. Not only that, but my hair was thick enough to routinely break plastic combs.

In my mid-teens, my hair began thinning noticeably. This was most troubling for a young girl. While the loss was even, all over my scalp, and I did not actually have bald spots, I was concerned enough to start searching for both the reason and a reversal. At the very least, I would have been content if my hair had merely stopped thinning.

My family doctor(s) could not come up with any satisfactory answers, though consistently the advice was to change shampoos and/or wash my hair less frequently. With the advent of blow-dryers, I found that I was washing my hair every day to avoid the plastered – down look that thin “bed – head” hair frequently creates.
Six weeks after the birth of my first son, when I was in my mid twenties, my hair fell out in handfuls. I cut the hair on the top of my head very short, and brushed it forward.

Over a long period of time, my hair thickened ever so slightly; but it was when I was only in my late twenties that I found the thinning of my hair so disturbing that I started making the rounds of dermatologists, the names of many of whom you would recognize. They all agreed that there was no cure. Some said it was hereditary androgenic alopecia. Medical tests for hormone problems or a thyroid condition were negative.

When I was in my late thirties, my bathroom drain was constantly clogged with my hair. My family doctor prescribed Rogaine, which I tried for several months. There were several concerns, one of which was that its application meant that my hair always looked “greasy”. Additionally, although it seemed to prevent further hair loss, there was no regrowth. Not only that, as soon as I stopped using Rogaine my serious hair loss immediately recommenced; permanent prevention of hair loss would have required a lifetime commitment to monthly expense, and daily application. The latter was worrisome because of possible side – effects.

I also tried topical formulae suggested by my family doctor, and by my massage therapist. Over the past few years, I have tried supplements, homeopathic medicine, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture. Nothing helped.
Periodically, I continued to seek out different dermatologists. They confirmed that my hair was not “well – rooted”. One recommended hair transplants. He said that he did not think I was a great candidate, because the hair on the back of my scalp was so thin; but he was willing to try two transplant sessions at a total cost of $10 000, after which he would evaluate the viability of continuing the process. I declined.

By that time, I was so self – conscious about my hair that I was miserable. I spent a lot of time thinking of ways to camouflage my problem. As much as possible, I avoided situations where people would have an opportunity to see the back of my head. My being a teacher meant that this was not always possible.

By the spring of 1997, I was so self-conscious about my appearance that I constantly prayed for a miracle cure for hair loss. I was delighted to learn about “permanent” hair systems. I chose bonding. Initially, the results were satisfying, and I was quite happy with “my thick hair”. There were problems, however: the hair matted badly; though this was said to be unusual, no offer to replace the expensive hairpiece was made. It was impossible for me to scrub my scalp between treatments. Once a month I had to go to the salon for a thorough washing of my hair and a protein treatment for my hairpiece. Within two weeks, the hairpiece would start to loosen and I would feel uncomfortable for the next two weeks until my salon appointment. For the rest of my life I would be tied to monthly treatments and bi – annual, costly hairpiece replacements I was too self – conscious to become involved in an intimate relationship. After ten months, I removed the hair system permanently. I had missed the feel of the sun and wind on my scalp.

Possibly because of the devastating tragedy, I had suffered in the spring of 1997, and possibly because of the hair system (glue, incomplete hygiene, constant pulling on my hair) my hair loss was worsening at an alarming rate. So was my state of mind over my ever-increasing difficulty in covering my scalp. At all times I wore either a hat or a wig.

The hair loss continued. By the fall of 1999, it was evident that there was absolutely no new growth. What hair I had was falling out. Just touching my hair caused it to fall. There was hair in the food I prepared, on the floors, on my pillow and bedclothes, in my books, on the table, EVERYWHERE. I started washing my hair less and less frequently. And I consumed with trying to figure how to get away without a wig or hat.

By the beginning of December, 1999 I was washing my hair only every two weeks or so. Once more, I decided to try another dermatologist. I was sure that this one, a young man, would be up on the latest. He was apologetic when he assured me that there was no cure, and nothing to be done for me. Strangely, this time on hearing the news I did not burst into tears while still in the doctor’s office.

I stopped praying for help, and became resigned to the fact that it would be only a matter of time before the hair loss would be complete. I was beginning to take more seriously the idea of adopting the bald head as a fashion look.

On my December 27, 1999 visit to my naturopath, Dr. Lucas Bozonovski, he told me about a patient whom he had not seen in several months. In the intervening time, with De Oliveira Hair Treatments, the hair on the previously bald patient had started to regrow. Lucas was so impressed that he had gone to speak to Mariana De Oliveira about her work.

On December 28, 1999 I had my first De Oliveira treatment. My hair stopped falling out the same day. By the third treatment hair regrowth was obvious. With a combination of in- salon treatments and home treatments, my hair is coming back, healthy and strong. The casual observer is now unable to detect that I have hair loss. Where formely scalp was visible, I now have a cushion of hair.

My hair regrowth is not yet complete, so I continue to faithfully do my treatments every day. Improvement is noticeable almost on a daily basis. The time and effort required to achieve optimum results have been worth it!!! I wanted my hair back so badly that I made following Mariana’s instructions, and doing my treatments, my priority. Nothing has tempted me to miss them.

The entire staff at De Oliveira has been so kind and supportive that it seems as if they take my progress personally. What impressed me on my first visit, only eight months ago – their knowledge, their professionalism, their caring, their patience, their teaching methodology, their clients, their testimonials, their optimism – continue to impress me.

In July, I started wearing hats only as a part of my outfit, and as sun protection. I love the feeling of having hair, of having my very own real hair. It is hard to explain, but now I feel like a complete and real person.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to Mariana, Nella, and Sandra!!! Thankyou for giving me “swingy” hair, and restoring my confidence. All the thankyou’s in the world seem insufficient. Your work is invaluable.

Ruth H.

Luis F.

Dear Mariana

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I take this time to express my gratitude to you and your organization.
I’ve waited so long to write this note because of my commitment to myself to wait a year’s time to judge the progression of my hair growth.
I had reached the point in my life where I was going to make a choice between several “quick fix” institutions. But thanks to my mother’s perseverance, although skeptically, I decided to visit you with nothing to lose.
To my amazement, within the first few weeks of treatment, not only had the hair loss stopped but also my new growth was very apparent which instantly re-enforced my belief in you. Daily, not only was I noticing the results, but my family, friends, and associates started to believe in me as well. How refreshing to have them all comment and support my wishes and my dreams.
These results combined with my trust in you and Nela, encouraged me to send you many more new clients.
I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to you for your valiant and tireless efforts and support. I am positive that you are primarily the reason for my hightened self esteem and confidence.
In closing, I look forward to our continued friendship. You have truly made a positive impact on my life and your declaration stands true: Your business is growing for me.



Ana C.

April 11, 1995
Dear Mariana:

As a demanding consumer, very few have been the products that have brought to me as complete satisfaction as your formulas. I congratulate you on your invention; and, I am grateful for being introduced and covert to herbal and holistic medicine.

After giving birth to two children, I had been losing a lot of hair for seven years and baldness was quite noticeable on me. As a believer in science, I followed all the necessary medical steps first, but to no avail. When my girlfriend, who had seen every hair specialist in Toronto and had sought the best in the field in California, recommended your product to me, I was quite skeptical. However, within two months of starting the treatment, the hair had stopped falling and new hair growth was visible at the naked eye. My colleagues who initially noticed the thinning of my hair, were also the first to comment on the remarkable change. As a result, they were also convinced of the positive results brought on by your formulas and have taken it home to their husbands who have since become your clients.

I have a word of advice for those people who like me may be as skeptical of your product. “If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, what have you got to lose? If you have not tried anything else, spare yourself the depression and expense.
This product works miracles! I am not a model paid to advertise it, but I would be very happy to talk to anybody about my experience and satisfaction”.


Ana C.

Peter H.

August 29, 1996

In 1983 at the age of 20 my hair begun to recede and it was obvious that a balding pattern was taking place. Worry and frustration began and led to the need of a consultation with a hair specialist Dr. Hunger. I discovered the cost of hair replacement could cost from $35,000.00.
A painful one and half year went by using some specific products recommended by hair salons but to no avail. The balding was just getting more evident and with it the frustration of feeling like a social outcast at the age of 22. Hair transplants seemed to be the answer to my problem. By the end of 1985, another consultation took place with a cosmetic surgeon for a series of hair transplants. Among 1986 to 1988 the transplants took place to the front of my head, they were painful and had to be done at a time when here sufficient days available from work. Swelling took place and healing took time but it was only successful to a point, the transplants were not natural looking and the texture of the hair was not soft, scars were left at the base of the transplants and were quite noticeable. The procedure was expensive and the outcome was not what was anticipated. Hair from the sides had to be carefully combed to intermingle with the transplants and there was a feeling of self-consciousness when around people and under bright lights.
By the fall of 1989, the choice to try a hair system seemed to be a solution to the ongoing problem of looking one’s age and participating in many activities without embarrassment. I choose a natural looking hairpiece that was costly over the next few years, the top of the head had to be shaved, surgical glue applied and the hairpiece had to be maintained by using products only supplied by the company. As the months went by hair had to be added to the hairpiece and dyed to the exact color of my natural hair. I was trapped in the hairpiece world for five years. A friend introduced me to Mariana De Oliveira from De Oliveira Hair Care Systems; she was truly the first person that was really interested in restoring my natural hair. I began her treatments using all natural products that were carried out in the comfortable atmosphere of the salon and later at home.
After three months of treatments, I was amazed to find I was actually growing hair where I had none before. The scars became less evident, the skin on the scalp became smoother, the hair began growing from the back of the head towards the front, and even small fine hairs are growing between the transplants. I am excited about the continual growth of hair from the use of this product and there is no denying that the De Oliveira Hair Care Systems is working for me. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to the De Oliveira H. C. Systems.

Many, many thanks Mariana


Margaret B.

October 25, 1994
Dear Mariana,

When I first realized that I was losing my hair, back in March of 1989 I went to see my Doctor to ask her what we could to do to put a stop to my hair turning white and falling out. The Doctor told me it was alopecia, it would grow back, many people have this problem. It DID NOT. After finding a bald spot the size of a grapefruit on the back of my head I became very upset at the continuing loss.

I remembered that De Oliveira Systems had a course of treatment for my problem and commence the treatment at once. It took time for all my hair to grow back to a fine healthy look again but I am happy to say the treatment did stop the hair lost quickly.
I thank you Mariana and your staff for the concern shown to me at a difficult time and I am happy to write this testimonial for the De Oliveira Hair Care Systems.

Yours sincerely,


Gerard P.

August 24, 1996
To: De Oliveira Hair Care Systems Inc.

My name is Gerard; I am a designer/artist/musician by trade. I am the official artist of the Skydome in Toronto and was the official artist of Expo’86 in Vancouver.
Ever since I can remember during my youth growing up in Toronto, I was always conscious of my appearance, especially since, at the age of 18 I formed my first musical band. Being from the French Riviera, I was used to seeing well-dressed and well-groomed people.

As a child, I remember I had thin hair and a little bit of a wide forehead. I think it was around the time that I enrolled at the Ontario College of Art for a 4 year advertising course, that I started to notice perhaps a bit too much hair on my comb and in the bathtub after taking a shower, but thinking that it was normal to lose this amount of hair I let the thought go by, that I might have a problem.

I might add, that before enrolling at the Ontario College of Art, I took a course at Ryerson in metallurgy, after realizing that this was not, the course for me I started worrying about my future, so I figured the worry was making me lose my hair. Now that I think of it, I think it is very comical how we make assumptions without knowing the real facts.
Back at the College of Art, with my classmates we started talking about hair loss, but we were not seriously concerned about anything being wrong until one day I went down the street to get my hair cut and the barber told me that I am losing excessive hair.

From that day on, I have been looking for a cure on how to stop baldness. Since then I’ve traveled the world, every time I was in a country in whatever continent I tried to find out if they had a cure for the loss of hair. I went to France, Switzerland, the U.S.; I found nothing that came close to doing anything at all. In Toronto, I was part of a study for a product called “Hair Trigger” it was a joke. From France I tried another product to no avail, I tried something from the U.S. a kit that had many pretty colors, but that is all it was pretty colorful.

By now, I was getting very desperate. One day coming out of the shower, I decided to take a mirror in my hand and look at the crown of my head. I was petrified to see a bald spot, I thought that it, it is the end of my social life, how could I play in a band and be bald. I had to rectify the problem. I started seriously looking for a real solution and I thought that I found it – “Hair Transplantation”.

To date I have had five hair transplants, three in Toronto by 2 different doctors, one in Philadelphia and one in Detroit, these transplants left me scared in the donor area and not having enough hair in the donor area the transplants could not have be finished, another words as I was continuing to go bald in areas that were not transplanted, not having enough hair to donate I would have been bald in that spot with all the plugs showing all around.
In addition, the amount of pain that I had to take to go through these sessions was unbelievable.

After the 1st session I could not sleep for 6 months because of the incredible pain, I asked myself why have I done this. I guess by now I had come way past the point of no return. I was still losing my “regular” hair and the “plugs” were increasingly apparent. I was really upset at the fact that not one of the Doctors told me about the fact that I might not have enough donor area to cover my whole head.
Also the transplants from the donor area left me with a huge bald spot in the back of my head that was very embarrassing at best, especially when I would put on a hat, the hat would push the hair out of the way and here I was with a nice white spot.

By the way, there is also, what they call a “scalp reduction” they cut the skin on top of your head and bring together the hair from the side, also painful, but eventually, because skin stretches it would stretch back to its original position so you would be back at square one. Now I was really worried, I didn’t know where to turn now, I had done everything possible, my self esteem was slipping, I started to go out less, my social life was not the best.

Then I met a person that told me about the “De Oliveira Hair Care Systems”, naturally I was very skeptical about any product that actually grows hair, since I had tried everything. I made an appointment with Mariana and when she saw my scalp she almost fainted and asked me how I could let Doctors do this to me, by now I was certainly asking myself the same question and also the cost of transplantation is prohibitive to most people, I’m sure. I started to use the product faithfully, but not right away as my skepticism was still getting the better of me. Then I said to myself, what do I have to lose, except more hair. I started to use the product exactly according to Mariana’s instructions (Mariana is the inventor of this miracle product) and almost immediately, my hair loss was cut to zero, and my hair started to grow very soon after.
I had hair that was growing inside the skin, Mariana’s product triggers the hair to come out, and it is long, it is wonderful. I am into my fourth month of treatment, I have hair growing everywhere on my head, I go without a hat now; I do not care which way the wind is blowing.
I believe this is the only product that grows hair permanently; it leaves your scalp so healthy and the hair so full. It is really amazing that after all the searching and the dashed hopes, that I finally found the cure, they call it “Miracle Formula” I certainly second that motion. There is no more reason to lose hair today because help is really here. I say to all men that are losing their hair, and that is most of them, do not lose hope your hair will come back, you will regain your youth and confidence as I did. I am very thankful to this lady who has dedicated her whole life to hair loss, and has succeeded in finding a cure for this age-old problem.

Yours Sincerely,


August 10, 1995
Dear Mariana,

I was faced with a hair loss problem sometime ago. After trying so many kinds of lotions and shampoos prescribed by the specialists, nothing was working.
One day I was reading a portuguese paper, saw your advertising, and decided to make an appointment.
I started your treatment on a SATURDAY and by TUESDAY (after the 3rd one) my hair stopped falling until today.
I am very happy and proud because I discovered your clinic. And you and your daughter are very nice people!

Thank you very much



Silvino S.

24, 1996
To De Oliveira Hair Care Systems Inc.

I, Silvino S. started losing my hair back in Portugal 12 years ago. I started losing my hair in spots scattered all over my scalp, which the doctors called Alopecia Areata and also lost all facial hair.
I became extremely concerned and went to see my family doctor, he then suggested I have blood tests done and have my whole system checked. Results turned out indicating no problems. I also visited a doctor that flew in from Lisbon who specialized in this area, I started treatment for one year with creams being applied on my scalp, once a month I would go in, and the doctor would inject a needle on my scalp. Three years later, I regrew all my hair.
In 1989 one year after arriving in Canada I started to lose all my hair again so I proceeded to go see my family doctor and he recommended I go see a specialist. Again had to get blood checked along with my whole system checked, all tested showed positive, no signs of anything being wrong. They also proceeded with injecting needles to the scalp, but to no avail.
April 1993 I was reading a local Portuguese paper and came across De Oliveira Hair Care Systems, a hair loss treatment, I decided to give them a try. I started this intense treatment everyday; five different products and they were very effective. Three months later, there was a significant difference I no longer was losing my hair and I was producing new growth.
I regrew all my hair; I even applied the product on my face where I also lost my facial hair. In 1994 I went for a visit to Portugal for 7 weeks and I had a relapse, hair loss reoccurred in bald spots uncontrollably, once I returned to Canada I started treatment again and got everything under control once again.
In my case it is important that I keep up this treatment, the level of stress affects my hair immediately. De Oliveira hair care products are natural, the treatment is painless, no side effects and can be done at home or at De Oliveira salon. Within one month you see results.
Years ago I was very distressed with the doctors hoping that they could help me, but they did not. I would feel so bad about my balding that I would not even attend family functions or gatherings, it really effected me mentally and physical. I thank De Oliveira Hair Care Systems for giving back my confidence and my hair.


Dave H.

August 28, 1996
To De Oliveira Hair Care Systems

I am a black Canadian who was a victim of hair loss. However the De Oliveira Hair Care System gradually brought my full natural head of hair back.
Several years ago, I started noticing my hair was thinning at the top and my hairline further back. Still young, at the adult stage, I found life difficult to live. Early in the morning, I would wake up out of my sleep and think about what condition my hair would be in today.
Looking at myself in the mirror, I would focus on the areas that are thinning and missing hair. After staring for quite sometime, I would try washing gently and combing it softly to avoid losing any more hair but it just kept coming out.
After this happened, I would turn away from the mirror and weep bitterly. This part of the day was unbearable; it was like trying to avoid falling off an icy cliff.
During the day, it was not as bad in comparison to the morning. The difference is you do not have to worry about seeing yourself; the only problem was other people seeing you. When I left my home to go to work, I thought of ways to avoid the public as much as possible, instead of using the elevator, most of the time I took the stairs. In my car, I would cover my head with cloth so no one outside could see me at daytime. During the night, it was not necessary because my windows were tinted. Working was fine because everyone knows you so it did not feel too uncomfortable.
The only exception where I had no choice to uncover was at church. Other social functions, I either canceled or did not show up because of my hair problem. Places I wanted to go or things I desired to do had to be done late at night. The day was okay, the night was all right.
Hair loss was like an external lifetime prison sentence. The reason was people see your condition on the outside and laugh meanwhile making comments. On the inside, you are saying that it was not supposed to be this way. I never thought it would effect me at all. You want to get out of yourself but you cannot.
Mariana De Oliveira changed this lifestyle of mine made me a free man. When I discovered the product from the television I immediately called and went down. From that point on, I never looked back.
My life is no longer difficult but beautiful. I hope all that you can experience life the way you want to live and not be trapped by internal imprisonment.


To whom it may concern:

In 1989, I started losing hair to a point it got to be beyond my control.
Every day I was shedding so much hair that I could see my scalp.

Since that I started feeling depressed because the beautiful hair I once had was weakening, dry, brittle and without any shine.

Today I can say thanks to De Oliveira Hair Care Systems I have recovered all my hair and once again, my hair feels and looks good.

Paula P.

Deon H.

August 27, 1996
To Mariana De Oliveira and her staff.

I really appreciate what you are doing not only for me but also for the rest of the other’s clients in restoring their hair loss.
I feel so lucky to have you in Toronto to bare witness with mine own eyes the re growth of hair loss. I never thought that I would be losing my hair at such a young age. At twenty-one I was very concerned I never thought that there would be something out there to restore hair loss.
There is so much false advertisement, I was just planning to shave my head bald and wear a cap and live for the rest of my life disappointed.
Thanks to my brother who testify to me about De Oliveira and seeing the smile on his face I knew it was no gimmick and a miracle was about to take place.
Getting my hair restored I feel like a kid with a new toy. I feel sorry for the people whom I testify to and they do not believe. They are missing out on something that can change their life around.


Tiago O.

To De Oliveira Hair Care Systems

My premature hair loss was one of the torments that made me lose the strength and will to live a social life.
When I was 19 years old, I noticed something strange with my scalp. Every time I washed my hair, which was frequently I would lose lots of hair.
I did voice my concern to some hair stylists just to be told that it was just a phase and it will pass.
I followed their advice and tried to ignore the hair loss but I was losing more and more hair each time I shampooed, then I really began to panic.

First, I started using shampoos like Bioscal, Neutrogena, Politar, etc.; but never obtained satisfactory results.
Then I had an appointment with my family doctor and he recommended me to a dermatologist. I went to his office feeling very nervous, he checked my head and said I had a problem with my scalp.
He prescribed “Rogaine”, “but you shouldn’t have any hope”, he said. The best method was a hair transplant, removing hair from fuller areas to the weak.

I could not go through this technique for two reasons; one I was afraid of it because it could be a treacherous technique and second it carries a big economic cost.
After the visit to the dermatologist I continued searching to find an escape for my problem that was affecting me physical and psychologically.

One day I was watching TV and saw a commercial about a product named “the six month supply”. The commercial was so fascinating that got my attention.
I ordered the product and by the end of two weeks, I received the product. I used the product for 6 months but my hair and scalp continued always with the same problem.

I was desperate; I could not face the people. Sometimes I was aggressive with my co-workers because of my big and painful problem.

To me my hair was the most important thing. When I had my hair I had that pleasure of doing different styles it was part of my daily routine.
One day I went to work feeling depressed tired of suffering that even if I wanted to disguise my feelings I could not.

A co-worker asked me what happened to me to be so depressed. At the beginning, I did not want to tell her but after I was calm and had strength and courage to tell her my problem.
After she heard me, she said it had a solution. I asked her what it was. She told me her husband had the same problem before and he started in the clinic De Oliveira Hair Care Systems using their products.

Personally, I had heard about this clinic on TV commercials but never gave to much attention to that because I thought it was just for special hair loss and to me did not have too much importance.
When my co-worker said it was working for her husband, I was glad and wanted to reserve all the information about the products.
A few months after I gained courage and faced the clinic De Oliveira. The first person I saw was Nela, daughter, and employee of Ms. Mariana, I asked her for the president and she communicated with her, a few minutes after Ms. Mariana was talking to me about her products.

She checked my scalp and with a charming smile gave me 100% positive results.
When she said to me I was going to have my hair back my heart was overjoyed, as it did not happen for quite sometime. The staff Nela and Sandra gave me instructions on how to apply the products. I went home and started using the products daily and by the end of some weeks, I really saw that the products are worth it.


Nick D.

To whom it may concern

My name is Nick and I fully and completely endorse the De Oliveira Hair Care Systems.

By the time, I was nineteen; I was slowly but surely losing my hair. I always took care to wash my hair properly and often, not to use any gels or mousse and did my best to keep my hair clean. But I was still losing my hair at an alarming rate.

As I became older, there were many theories presented before me to explain my hair loss. The primary theory seemed to be genetics. Baldness ran in my family and so it was passed on to me.

Other theories included wearing hats and helmets, too much shampooing, too little shampooing, an oily scalp just to mention a few. I consigned myself to the fact that I was going to remain bald and continue to lose my hair and there was nothing I could do about it.

But then I was introduced to De Oliveira Hair Care Systems. They were confident that I would be able to get my hair back.
At first I was skeptical but agreed to follow their program. I was amazed! I was growing hair!
My hair felt thicker, fuller, and healthier.

As the weeks went by, my baldness began to recede. I was growing hair all over my scalp.

De Oliveira Hair Care Systems WORKS! It is safe, effective, and easy to follow and gets results.
I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any one.

Yours truly,

Nick D.

Terry B.

April 28, 1998

As a singer/actor, I want to look my best so that I can give my best. Most of “the arts” boils down to confidence. When my hair started resting on my pillow instead of my head, my confidence severally decreased.
I have used other products but with erratic results. It seems like just when I thought that the other brands of hair re-growth were working, I would suddenly have a heavy hair loss again. I kept my hair long to cover the thinning areas, but eventually I lost so much hair it looked straggly.
I read about the “De Oliveira Hair Care Systems” from the bulletin at my church. When I went in for my free consultation, it seemed too good to be true. I looked at the pictures and thought, “I hope that the ‘after’ pictures are not really the ‘before’ pictures”.
I took the chance and started the treatment and now — six months later — my hair has grown back to the same thickness that I enjoyed when I was 17 years old. “De Oliveira” hair care products work!!!
I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen for myself, In fact, I have given various family members “treatments” and they have experienced results too.
Hair loss is a very upsetting experience so I will do my small part to introduce people to “Herbal Castle” so that they can regain the happiness that their hair loss took away.

Terry B.

Nancy M.

January 15, 2001
Dear Mariana:

You are my savior! Your psoriasis skin products – the lotion and the cream – literally saved my face from serious scarring and increased my healing time by months.

In October of 2000, I started feeling all achy and had a raging fever. Less than a week later, the whole right side of my face (from under my nose, all around my lips and under my cheek bone) broke out in fever blisters/cold sores. I went to the doctor and she gave me a mild antiviral and it seemed to work, but then I finished the medication the blisters got worse and I was in excruciating pain. I went back to the doctor in tears and it turned out to be Shingles. I was then given a heavy-duty antiviral – this worked but once the blisters started to fall off, I was left with glaring red scars and raw skin. I was also informed that it would probably take months before the sensitivity and pain in that area went away.

This is when I had the pleasure of meeting Mariana and testing her skin products for my Shingles. The results were AMAZING! Within the first 24 hours, most of the redness and sores were already fading quickly. Within 48 hours, everything was completely healed. The other amazing thing that happened was the pain and sensitivity also disappeared. Whenever, I feel some pain I reapply the lotion and cream and within a few minutes the pain goes away.

Mariana, I cannot thank you enough for helping me and all the other people whose life you have touched with your wonderful healing products.

Forever indebted,

Nancy M.

Jane F.

January 3, 2000
De Oliveira Hair Care Systems Inc

I was diagnosed with psoriasis approximately 15 years ago. For the first twelve years, I struggled with psoriasis of the scalp. More recently, this skin disorder spread to my body.

Initially I pursued conventional treatment through a Toronto dermatologist. The majority of creams and sprays prescribed by the Doctor were cortisone based. I experienced some temporary relief but found that over time the psoriasis came back. The effectiveness of the cortisone treatment wore off and I was forced to try other options.

Disillusioned with conventional medicine, I decided to pursue alternative methods of treatment. Over a 5 year time span, I was treated by an acupuncturist, homeopath and two naturopaths. In the process of trying to find a cure I spent approx. $8000. Eventhough I am a supporter of natural healing, the naturopath’s that treated me were unable to cure the psoriasis.

Out of desperation, the naturopath who was currently treating me suggested that I contact Mariana De Oliveira who he was told has “the cure”. Quite honestly, I was hesitant to follow-up with the referral since I had gone through so many years of disappointing results. I met Mariana in August/99 and began the treatment program for my scalp and body. I was surprised when I began to see results within two weeks but still remained skeptical as to whether or not this problem could be permanently resolved. As of Jan 3/00, I have been clear of psoriasis for over two months.

I feel extremely fortunate that my naturopath connected me with Mariana De Oliveira. I truly thought that I would have to live with this skin disorder for the rest of my life.
Mariana Has a special gift that should be shared with thousands of people that suffer daily with this terrible condition.

I would without question recommend the De Oliveira treatment to anyone who is searching for a successful treatment program for his or her psoriasis.

Jane F.

Brenda W.

February 18, 2000
Dear Mariana De Oliveira

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your study for your newly created skin care products.

I have suffered with Psoriasis for over 20 years using what was suggested, and yet after ten weeks of using the De Oliveira products my arms and legs are free of psoriasis.
Your De Oliveira skin products are not only easy to use, but once it is dry on the skin, it leaves no stain behind.
Ms. De Oliveira you were definitely right about this skin condition being very hard emotionally as well as physically.
You do not want others to see your red scaly skin.
I thank you for your help. I know your product, when marketed, is going to do wonders for people suffering from psoriasis.

Brenda W.

Esther M.

Diagnosis: Psoriasis

I have lived with this condition for 6 years suffering day and night my hands are painful, swollen, cracked, red with inflammation, nails discolored, can’t do my daily activities such as cleaning, laundry, gardening which I love to do. I often sit down and cry. My husband is also affected by my condition because he has to do everything for me.
Any treatment that we heard of we tried, even going as far away as Germany, California, and Florida spending thousands of dollars.
Doing the De Oliveira treatment in 2 weeks, I felt the relief of pain, swelling, and redness.
The De Oliveira treatment works, here are the pictures to prove it.


Richard W.

Diagnosis: Psoriasis

I have lived with this condition for 20 years and had various types of treatments over the years, but nothing so far can compare with De Oliveira Skin Care products.
My lifestyle improved tremendously, the scaling and flaking dropped off completely within the first week, and smoothness and comfort are wonderful, self administrated, no side effects, thanks to De Oliveira Skin System.

-Richard W.

Sam Ferrara

Diagnosis: Psoriasis

For ten years, I have suffered from Psoriasis. There were times that the skin on my feet was so painful that it was difficult to walk or put on shoes. I was prescribed various topical cortisone preparations and a period of ultra-violet light treatment; no long-term relief was gained.
In March of 2001 after beginning the De Oliveira regimen in days no more pain just to walk, no worries to take off my shoes in public. I can now wear sandals in the summer and my skin is almost normal, something I thought was impossible until I met Mariana.
In less than one year, I have had incredible results that were not possible with conventional treatments.

-Sam Ferrara

Ricardo S.

Diagnosis: Eczema

With De Oliveira Skin Care Products, extraordinary results in just 10 days.

Ricardo S.

Results may vary